Edward Dunn

Dr. Dunn is a deeply experienced I.T. executive with 20+ years of experience in product management, agile development cycles, systems architecture and engineering, cloud infrastructure and deployment, and product development. He has served numerous roles in the technology industry, including founder and CEO of Blue Crab Group and Alpha Networks and Developers, CTO of ArcMail Technology, Managing Partner and Director of Systems Engineering at Integrated Network Solutions, and Consulting Storage Engineer for Dell where he led consulting engagements for Fortune 100 clients.

A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Dr. Dunn also holds certifications and advanced degrees in neuro-linguistic programming and psychology. This diverse combination of training and experience uniquely qualifies him to assemble and lead cohesive, results-driven, and accountable technical teams.

It additionally affords rare and pragmatic customer facing insights during design phases of B2B and B2C initiatives.

As a marketer, Dr. Dunn founded Blue Crab Connect – a cutting edge digital agency comprised of best-in-class experts from design firms, graphics houses, marketing consultancies, sales training consortiums, and behavioral psychology practices. Dr. Dunn’s marketing teams represents decades of successful marketing campaign creation and deployment.