USWIFI – Service Agreement 



1.1 USWIFI offers Internet Services in 3 plans to North Hodge, Louisiana, and 1 plan being offered to entire US, Canada, and Mexico. One-time, non-refundable, equipment fees of $150.00 to be collected when purchasing subscriptions,  “damaged or non-returned unit” is explained under Sec. 3 


USWIFI shall use reasonable endeavors to provide customer with the services and to ensure the security of 

Customer’s communications at all times. However, due to the nature of technology, it is impossible to always 

provide an uninterrupted, fault-free service. USWIFI shall in particular not be liable, or otherwise legally 

responsible, where access to the network is interrupted or limited due to a suspension (provided that this is 

temporary only); or downtimes of public telecommunication or power facilities; or special local conditions (e.g. use 

in transportation or underground). USWIFI network partner may suspend services: (i) in order to carry out 

maintenance or testing of the Network; (ii) during any technical failure of the network, (iii) when it is necessary to 

safeguard the security and integrity of the network or to reduce the incidence of fraud; (iv) where it identifies 

Artificially Inflated Traffic; or (iv) due to Emergency Planning Measures. USWIFI shall endeavor to keep all such 

suspensions to a minimum and shall give customer notice of such suspensions where reasonably practicable. 


Customer shall not: 

a) Use any equipment or services for any purpose that is abusive, illegal or fraudulent; or 

b) Do anything that causes the network to be impaired or damaged. 

1.4.1 Customer agrees to the terms as stated in the agreement. Except as otherwise provided therein, the 

following shall apply: 

Equipment will be delivered in accordance with Sec.2. Upon delivery, the customer shall promptly inspect and test 

the equipment. The customer shall promptly notify USWIFI of any non-conformities detected upon such 

inspection or during later use.

The customer shall:

a) Assume all responsibilities as the possessor and user of the equipment; 

b) Hold USWIFI harmless of (a) any public or private cost, fees, levies and/or taxes, arising from holding and/or 

using the equipment, and (b) any claims asserted by third parties, including public authorities, in connection with its 

use, operation or holding of the equipment, except to the extent that such claims are Imputable to USWIFI 

c) Maintain the equipment free of any security interest, encumbrance, or any other third party interference, 

d) Reasonably protect the equipment against the risk of destruction, damage, and/or loss through fire, theft, 

burglary, electricity and/or water; 

e) Maintain the technical environment for operation of the equipment in accordance with the accompanying 


f) Maintain the equipment in an orderly and functional state, not making any changes to settings or exterior 

appearance, and arrange for repair of any damage to the equipment which is imputable to the customer. 

1.4.2 Where customer is in breach of its obligations under this Sec. 3, USWIFI shall be entitled to suspend the 

customer’s use of the services. 


The service contract between USWIFI and the customer takes place the moment the customer signs this service 

contract with the following assumptions by USWIFI: that the customer agrees to pay the $150 equipment fee to use equipment during the duration of the contract.  After customer signs up for plan, customer will allow 5-7 business days for equipment delivery. USWIFI requires the customer to pay an monthly subscription fee from the date of installation, to the date of return. The contract may end after a 10 day trial if customer is not satisfied with service, however, the equipment fee of $150 is non-refundable, and equipment will be repossessed by USWIFI, who is the rightful owner of the equipment. If the customer no longer desires USWIFI’s services, the customer must provide a 30 day cancellation notice before ending the contract. The customer is strictly forbidden to make changes to the device or to change or remove any part of the device related to the ownership of the device by USWIFI. 



a) USWIFI states all charges inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax), unless specified otherwise. 

b) USWIFI maintains the right to debit the customer the amount due for a non-return of the equipment in 

accordance with Sec. 3.3. 

c) USWIFI requires a $150 non-refundable,one-time equipment fee such as a credit card guarantee, from the customer upon conclusion of the 

Agreement for claims under Sec. 3.3. For this purpose, USWIFI will ask for authority from the card issuing 

company for an amount of the chosen plan. This fee will be automatically charged to customer’s provided paypal or credit card In the events described in Sec. 3.3, Island WiFi may use 

the credit card information to charge the customer for the equipment’s replacement or repair. 


The customer is solely responsible for all loss or damage to the equipment during the subscription. For the case of 

loss, damage, or non-return of the device is charged the original retainer of USD $150.00 


Failure to return the equipment (including all accessories and user guides) promptly to USWIFI after termination will be charged for cost of equipment.


The USWIFI device shall always remain the property of USWIFI. Any notes on the devices 

may not be changed or removed or be disguised. The customer is only entitled to use the device for the purpose 

stated in this contract. Any use of the USWIFI contrary to the purposes described herein is 

prohibited. It’s strictly forbidden for customer to remove or change any parts of the device. The device cannot be 

used with any other SIM card other than the provided one. The customer must use the device carefully. The 

customer must pay for damages on the devices, i.e. Fire, Water, or Theft. 


All data provided by customers during the usage of the USWIFI data. All customer provided data saved by USWIFI be explicitly used for purposes of contractual fulfillment and to inform the customer about products related 

to their contractual agreement.