As a long-time technology company, we were continuously asked, “Why can’t I get decent, affordable internet where I live?” We knew there were many people living in rural areas that were simply being ignored by the big internet providers and we just didn’t think that was fair. So our engineering team rolled up it’s sleeves, got to work, and re-imagined what internet service for rural areas could be. Then we brought that vision to life. We believe that where you choose to live or do business shouldn’t be an obstacle to having fast, reliable internet. We saw a problem so we solved it. It’s what we here at USwifi do best – deliver solutions to people and businesses that need it the most.

Super Speed + Entertainment & Media

It's all about providing you with fast, reliable, affordable, and secure high-speed internet - wherever you live or travel.

Our vision is big picture, our scope is broad, our expertise is best in class because you, our customer, deserves all of this and much more. Every day is a new opportunity for us to both serve and delight YOU!


Bringing Entertainment to you

The power to entertain you! With USwifi, unlimited data lets you stream all your favorite shows on any connected device.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited Internet

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